Home remedies and herbs for potency – use natural methods!


Statistics show that even 3 million men in Poland have problems with potency. Only 15% of them consult a specialist about this problem, but an average of 5 years passes before they decide to visit a doctor. It is worth looking at home remedies and herbs to improve your sex drive.

Over 50% of men with potency problems indicate stress and fatigue as the main factors of these disorders. At the same time, 30% of men say that the result of their troubles is a general deterioration of well-being and lower self-esteem.

Therefore, a vicious circle may arise – stress in everyday and professional life, tensions caused by difficult situations, all kinds of failures for most men are the beginning of problems in the sexual sphere, which in turn affects their well-being and causes further daily failures. The relationship between the emotional state and satisfaction with sex life is obvious.

Potency diet
A well-balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, based on e.g. on vegetables, fruits and groats is the basis of good health. It is no different with potency – what a man eats affects his sexual performance. Mainly it is worth paying attention to arginine, selenium, zinc, B vitamins and vitamin E.


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