The Journal of Cardiovascular Management November/December 1997


Cardiovascular Leaders Moving Beyond Logic:
An Active Strategy for Advancing Cardiac Services

Cardiovascular leaders-physician, clinician, or administrator-are challenged by today’s rapidly changing environment. Success in the cardiovascular world is achieved through creating the future by understanding the needs of the market as well as rapidly developing products and services that meet or (ideally) exceed market expectations.

by David S. Greisler, Dr.P.A., Ronald J. Stupak, Ph.D.

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Creating Value-Focused Healthcare Delivery Systems:
Part Three-Core Competencies

There are certain core competencies and skills that providers should develop to create value in the delivery of healthcare services. The value-focused core competencies include: customer relationship management; financial/cost management; outcomes management; information management; disease management; and payer/provider relationship management.

by Richard N. Beveridge, M.B.A.

Page 32

Strategic Planning:
Ensuring the Future Success of Your Cardiovascular Program

The healthcare environment in which you work is unique. However, regardless of the size of your program, its location, or the amount of managed-care penetration, strategic thinking is essential to ensuring its continued success. This article describes the characteristics of an effective planning process, and tools and techniques that can be used to guide strategic thinking.

by Marie Weissman

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The JCAHO Survey of the Cardiovascular Laboratory:
Preparation Strategies for Managers

Historically, cardiac cath labs have not been included in the JCAHO survey process. Since the 1980s, the Joint Commission has been implementing a new philosophy that emphasizes functions critical to patient care rather than focusing on individual departments or disciplines. Since many of these activities occur in the cath-lab setting on a routine basis, these labs are now included as part of the Joint Commission survey process.

by Joanne M. Dillon, R.N., C.C.R.N.

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