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AAMA Executive – Winter 2003

Boutique Medicine:  Good medicine with a bad taste or just bad medicine?
By Justin C. Matus, PhD, MBA, FACHE

An Intellectual Approach to Organizational Change
By Ronald J. Stupak, PhD

Transitioning from Military to Civilian Healthcare Administration: By Deryl Gulliford MHA, PhD, FAAMA        Nick Bottom, MBA

Glen R. Porter, MA, CFAAMA,

MSC, USN (Ret.) Population Demographics Will Size Your Facility Sooner or Later
LCDR Thomas D. Yancoskie, MSC

Haiman’s Healthcare Management (7th Ed.)
Author: Rose Dunn

Flu: the story of the great influenza of 1918 and the search for the virus that caused it
Author: Gina Bari Kolata

Patient Satisfaction: Defining, Measuring, and Improving the Experience of Care
Author:Irwin Press, PhD

The Health Care Cure!
Author:R.E. Biederman, D.O.

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