Membership Admission & Benefits/AAMA


You qualify for admission to the American Academy of Medical Administrators and its colleges if you are employed in healthcare management. Those providing educational or consulting services are also eligible. Students in programs of healthcare administration are eligible to be a Student affiliate with yearly dues of $20.00. Nominee yearly dues are $140.00 while Member and Fellow dues are $175.00 per year.

Membership signifies you have met the high standards of the Academy and its colleges and is a mark of recognition and acceptance by professional colleagues.

Nominees are eligible to advance to Member, after meeting the criteria for advancement. AAMA is the first professional health association granting the prestigious status of Diplomate in Healthcare Administration. Diplomate status can be earned by Fellows, not as a new level, but as evidence of meeting specified criteria of excellence in the healthcare field and in service to the Academy.

After four years as a Member, you are eligible for advancement to Fellow upon completion of a Fellowship project or indication of other professional achievements approved by the Credentials Committee.

The Academy offers an examination several times each year for which successful candidates earn the designation of credentialed health services administrator. This distinction is an indication that they have successfully demonstrated an understanding of the common body of knowledge in the field of healthcare administration and an awareness of current issues and developments in the field.

Your membership in a professional healthcare association provides many opportunities for you to relate to other disciplines and levels of management. These valuable local, regional, and national contacts afford you networking benefits to advance your current performance as a healthcare manager as well as in the upward occupational mobility of your career.

You have a wide array of opportunities to be as professionally active as you wish within the Academy and its colleges through participation as a Board member, committee chairperson, committee member, Regional Director, State Director, Metropolitan Director, and numerous other official opportunities. You can be a leader in the development of an educational conference which will allow for the exchange of information among members so that they may develop solutions in dealing with the management concerns of today’s healthcare environment.

The American Academy of Medical Administrators recognizes Academy affiliates and members of all its colleges by having an outstanding system of awards which are presented at the AAMA Annual Conference and Convocation.

You receive a 40% discount on all national educational programs conducted by the Academy and its colleges. As you advance in your career and develop knowledge and experience, you will have the opportunity to be a speaker at these programs. This provides advantages for exposure through your networking opportunities. Contact hours for continuing education are provided to all affiliates through the AAMA Research & Educational Foundation, Inc.

You may choose, at no additional cost, to affiliate with your colleagues in our specialized colleges.

You will receive, as part of your membership dues, the quarterly publication of the Academy entitled the EXECUTIVE, which highlights local and national healthcare management activities, presents articles of timely importance and regularly features affiliates and their achievements. You will be encouraged to prepare articles for submission to this publication which creates further opportunities for your present and future career development. The Journal of Cardiovascular Management and the Journal of Oncology Management will be distributed bimonthly.

An employment referral program is available to you.