Member to Fellow



Three alternate avenues for advancement from Member to Fellow are available:

  • Documentation of 35 points through a combination of formal education, continuing education and organization service,
  • Original Fellowship thesis of graduate school quality.
  • Case studies for 12 points each. (Case studies may be coupled with personal achievement points to total 35 points.)

Candidates for Fellow must also:

  • Be a Member in good standing for four years.
  • Occupy a position in management in the healthcare or health education field for at least six years immediately prior to consideration for advancement.
  • Submit a letter to Academy Headquarters requesting advancement and providing the names and addresses of two references to be contacted regarding the applicant’s leadership, integrity, and community contributions to healthcare.
  • Enclose a $200 advancement fee.(January 1, 2001).
  • Have attended at least one AAMA Annual Conference and Convocation in the past four years — which could include the Convocation at which they will advance.
  • Submit a completed Fellowship Project (an original thesis or three case studies) or documentation of 35 points by September 1st of the year of anticipated advancement.
  • Complete the “Application for Advancement.” Please include the original thesis/case studies and two copies, a letter requesting advancement, Personal Achievements Documentation (PAD) form and your current resume.


A. Three Case Studies

If you chose to provide three case studies, they should relate to a segment or facet of healthcare administration and may describe an actual administrative problem encountered in your day-to-day activities in a healthcare organization. One may be a written presentation made at an AAMA national or local conference. No specific length is required. However, accepted case studies have generally been in the range of six to ten pages. Each case study is worth 12 points. Three copies of each case study must be submitted for review.

B. An Original Fellowship Paper

  • The Fellowship Project prepared by the Academy Member must be an original paper related to healthcare administration in the broadest sense.
  • A written proposal may be submitted to the Academy Credentials Committee for approval.
  • The Member must complete the project and submit it to Academy Headquarters prior to September 1st in the year of anticipated advancement. A Member may complete the project any time prior to the four-year Member requirement, but the Fellowship will be awarded only when the requirement is met.
  • The Fellowship Project is intended to be a contribution to the literature on healthcare delivery. Appropriate literature documentation (bibliography) is expected.
  • No specific length is required. However, approved Fellowship papers have generally been in the range of 4,000 to 10,000 words.
  • Three copies must be submitted for review.

To Download Advancement Criteria and Personal Achievements Documentation (PAD)
form in MS Word click here.