Contact lenses – 3 of the most common mistakes made while wearing them


The ability to remove corrective glasses and change them to contact lenses is an extraordinary convenience. Unfortunately, many people are still afraid to take this step towards everyday comfort and choose not to use contact lenses because of the fear of dangerous situations that may arise while wearing them. However, it should be remembered that the risk of their occurrence appears when we make cardinal errors when putting them on, wearing or taking them off. Therefore, it is worth knowing them and beware of them!

Why Avoid Contact Lenses Mistakes?
The improper use of lenses can create a number of hazardous situations. To prevent them, we should at all costs avoid making any mistakes related to wearing lenses. Remember that some of them may even result in blindness.

1. Inadequate hygiene when wearing contact lenses
Failure to follow the hygiene recommendations when using contact lenses may not only adversely affect the comfort of wearing lenses, but also have dangerous consequences for our health and even life. The basis that you should always remember before touching the lenses is washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. It is our hands and fingers that will have direct contact with the contact lens, which will then be in our eye.

2. Forgetting about the daily care of contact lenses
A properly selected solution for lenses is the basis for their care. We should never give up on it. Proper care consists in removing contact lenses with clean hands. Then we should rinse them with the already mentioned liquid.

The next step is to place the slides in a special container with the lens solution. As a result, our lenses are disinfected, cleaned and properly stored until they are removed again. Whenever we are dealing with monthly, weekly, or any contact lenses other than the daily contact lenses, we must remember this step.


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