AAMA : Blogs : Creating Member Value: Utilizing AAMA Website Resources


The American College of Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA) Board of Directors has been diligently assessing the opportunity that has been created with the AAMA transition to a new website platform.  This new platform has enhanced the College’s ability to create value for the membership by providing a one-stop portal for forum discussion, sharing of best practice documents and tools, educational information, and communications regarding current events.  

The ACCA Board of Directors has developed a process to continually seek opportunities to generate discussions on the ACCA forum, create blog posts, and upload or solicit best practice tools or documents from membership.  The goal is to enhance the communication among members and to provide access to resources that will assist in the advancement of the cardiovascular service line administrative professional.  These discussions and resources will be collated around specific themes:

  • Quality
  • Financial & Reform
  • Operations
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Strategy

Of course, all the discussions and resources do not necessarily have to fall in to one of those themes. The ACCA Board of Directors will be responsible for seeking or posting information on those specific themes.  However, members are strongly encouraged to start discussions or upload tools and resources on any issue that is of interest to them. 

The population and utilization of the ACCA web page is a top priority for the ACCA Board of Directors.  They feel that by enhancing the resources and discussions among cardiovascular service line professionals, the profession will be strengthened and, in turn, attract more individuals in to the highly valuable AAMA/ACCA community. 

In order for this fantastic resource to be of highest value, all members must be active in the community!  We strongly encourage you to log on to the AAMA website and update your profile and start becoming active in your respective community.