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The Effect of Scientific Discovery on Cancer Center Economics
Presented by the American College of Oncology Administrators

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Richard P. Mansour, MD

Program Description

Scientific discovery drives best practice patterns of care which in turn drives cancer center revenue.  Past research studies have determined current patterns of care and research in-progress will determine future patterns of care. 

New discoveries will shift the revenue expectations for the cancer care service line.  The general categories affected are hospital, radiation center, infusion center, outpatient imaging and outpatient surgical services.  This talk will focus on past, present and future scientific discoveries that affect revenue expectations.  The emphasis will be on infusion center services. 

These trends are emerging:

  1. New drugs are being studied and released that are shifting primary therapy away from traditional chemotherapy to targeted therapy.  The dominant mode of drug delivery for targeted therapy is via the oral route.
  2. New antibodies directed toward activating the immune system to kill cancer cells are being studied and released.  These antibodies are being delivered by the infusion route.
  3. The role of chemotherapy is at risk being moved from primary medical therapy to secondary and tertiary therapy.

The above trends may have an important financial impact on ambulatory cancer centers.

Target Audience

1. Cancer Center Administrators

2. Cancer Center Personnel

Learning Objectives

  1. Infusion Chemotherapy has dominated the outpatient treatment of cancer over the past 30 years
  2. New drugs that target the specific machinery of cancer replication are being studied and approved
  3. The new drugs are shifting cancer treatment to the oral route.
  4. Revenue from Infusion chemotherapy and related services may diminished over the next 25 years.

Audience Takeaway

  1. Revenue models will gradual change
  2. A large impact will felt by the at risk accountable care model
  3. Cancer Center Education will need to re-focus on new drugs with new toxicities
  4. Patients will be living much longer with more cancer being cured or transformed into a chronic disease


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