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American College of Oncology Administrators (ACOA)

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ACOA, founded in 1991 as a national college of the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA), focuses on providing support and opportunity for oncology administrators and managers in all types of healthcare institutions.


To advance ACOA members and the field of oncology management and promote excellence and integrity in oncology leadership.

Membership Benefits

ACOA keeps members up-to-date with significant developments in oncology adminsitration, as well as the broad, multi-disciplined healthcare environment. ACOA members receive all the benefits of membership in the American Academy of Medical Administrators (AAMA) plus these special services:

  • ACOA file library: timely and useful resources shared by your peers
  • ACOA discussion forum: best practices, solutions and feedback on hot topics
  • ACOA news blog: information on the profession, events, people and partners
  • ACOA community: interact, mentor and reach out to your peers online and at the AAMA annual conference
  • Oncology sessions: specific track at the AAMA annual conference on cutting-edge topics and practical fundamentals