AAMA : Code of Ethics


Code of Ethics

The purpose of the Code shall be that of a guide to assist the Healthcare Leader in attaining a high level of competent and ethical conduct in the practice of medical administration. All members of the American Academy of Medical Administrators, upon acceptance of membership, shall commit themselves to the following standards of conduct:

  1. Members shall constantly strive to improve their professional knowledge and skills and should share their knowledge with colleagues in order to improve their colleagues’ skills in administration
  2. Members shall perform their occupational duties and responsibilities with diligence, loyalty and faithfulness, in an objective, ethical and fair manner with the best interest of the patient and community as the ultimate goal
  3. Members shall, at all times, faithfully further the mission, goals and objectives of the American Academy of Medical Administrators
  4. Members shall maintain the confidentiality of privileged information entrusted or known to them by virtue of any leadership role they may have with the American Academy of Medical Administrators
  5. Members shall not disparage the work or conduct of colleagues or other members of the Academy and should exercise vigilance in uncovering illegal or unethical conduct of fellow members and in reporting such conduct to the Credentials committee of the American Academy of Medical Administrators
  6. Members will respect the dignity of all, the rights and beliefs of others, and will not discriminate against others because of race, gender, age or creed
  7. Members shall act with dignity, courtesy and respect for the individual in all dealings with society
  8. Members shall never use their position, office or membership for selfish personal or financial gain