AAMA : Distinguished Service Award


Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes and honors AAMA members who have provided outstanding service and significant support to the Academy and/or its Specialty Groups. More than one person may be recognized. Selection made by AAMA Past Chairmen’s Council.

Selection Criteria

  • The Candidate must be an AAMA member in good standing
  • There must be evidence of either:
    • Unique and extraordinary efforts that impacted AAMA and/or a Specialty Group in meeting their annual goals
    • Assumption of a leadership role in creating new directions, or identifying new opportunities for future development
  • A member can win the award more than one time
  • There is no requirement for number of years between award receipt; eligibility is solely dependent on meeting the award criteria for service and leadership in that year
  • Each time a member is honored, it must recognize a different/unique service or activity
  • AAMA Chairman’s Award recipients are not eligible to win this award in the same year
  • Submissions due by¬†January 1st

Click here for the Nomination Form

Award and Recognition

The recipient receives an inscribed plaque and presentation of the Award at the Academy’s annual conference.

Past Recipients

2014 Robert C. Bonds2012 Jennifer A. Smith 2011 Linda R. Larin, Robert C. Bonds2010 Marvin L. Jones, Bonnie Miller 2009 Tina R. Brinton, Connie Bura, Thomas L. Meskan2008 P Anthony Long, Barbara J. Nathan, Jeannie M. O’Leary2007 Nancy L. Anderson, Dean B. Borsos, Clinton W. Schreckhise, Joseph M. Spallina 2006 Marilyn M. Henry, Dale A. Golgart 2005 Penny S. Schmiege, Scott F. Tanner 2004 Sabina C. Garrett, Kevin J. McGovern 2003 James O. Wooten, Darlene J. Johnson 2002 Grant D. Kotovsky, R. Kyle Kramer, Joseph M. Spallina 2001 Thomas M. Driskill, Richard A. Harley, Thomas D. Lane 2000 Connie J. Allen, Amir Adolphe Edward, Pietro D. Marghella, Gary P. Riedmann1999 Thomas E. Battles, Janet A. Davis, Mark L. Everett, Robert E. Hayhurst, Michael K. Petty 1998 Arthur W. Casper, Janet L. Jones, Eugene A. Migliaccio, Kathy A. Mikos, Margaret J. Nation1997 Matthew W Blade, Jr., Roxanne L. Clark, Margaret J. Nation, Roy Redman, Kathleen M. Strong, Lois Schurig, Jeanne M. Walter1996 R Bernard Chapman, Jr., Patrick S. DeMoon, Charles C. Freeman, Patrick G. O’Donovan, Arthur T. Porter, James R. Youngblood1995 Janice B. Babcock, Robert W. Kirby, W Boyd Kleefisch1994 R Bernard Chapman, Jr., Thomas E. Battles, Michael G. Flaherty, Larry W. VanNostrand1993 Randall R. Kelley, Arthur X. Deegan1992 Larry W. Collins, William L. Griffin1991 Henry M. Chinnery, Carole A. Crevier, Judith K. Pritt1990 Mary C. Labyak, William J. Lambert, Jr.1989 Vincent C. Bradley, Jr., Wilton B. Duncan, John D. Harbaugh1988 Phillip Breunle, Thaddeus F. Levandowski, Robert D. Lunt, Ritch Steven 1986 Susanne D. Justice-Moran, Elmer L. Kuber, Susan C. Schulmerick 1985 Carolyn Lee, Joseph A. Howarth, Edward J. Maas, Evelyn C. Messer, Sonja Meyerholz, Mavourneen M. Tornsello 1984 Benjamin Rodin 1983 John L. Ryan

1982 Anthony Alibrio