AAMA : YC Parris Young Federal Healthcare Executive Award


YC Parris Young Federal Healthcare Executive Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements in healthcare management. From nominations submitted by Federal Sector members, the Federal Council will select a candidate from each service. From that elite group, one recipient will be selected as “YC Parris Young Federal Healthcare Executive Award” winner.

Selection Criteria

  • A minimum of four years employment in the Federal Health System
  • Accomplishments directly or indirectly having a beneficial influence on the healthcare management profession
  • Achievements beyond those inherent to his/her formal employment
  • AAMA member
  • Have not reached his/her 40th birthday before December 31 in the year the award is granted

Nominations must include:

1) A letter (not to exceed one page) highlighting the candidate’s leadership abilities, overall capabilities, communications skills, customer service and innovation/creativity

2) One endorsement or letter of support (not to exceed one page) from the candidate’s immediate supervisor or one reference from the service representative.

Send nominations to the appropriate Federal Sector Service Representative.  Federal Service Representatives may submit final documentation via the online nomination form by October 3rd.

Past Recipients

2014 Shekinah Magee2012 Joseph A. Crain2011 Mary Ann Garbowski 2010 Tyler Sanders 2009 Cindi L. Palacios 2008 Judy A Webb-Hapgood2007 Daniel P Zablotsky2006 Jean-Pierre DeBarros 2005 John J Mammano 2004 Bonnie E Goodale 2003 Carolyn M Medina 2002 Amir Adolphe Edward, Douglas E Stephens

2001 Scott R Isaacks