Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that is not answered here, or if you would like further information about AAMA, please contact us at [email protected]  


How do I contact Academy headquarters?

AAMA330 N Wabash Ave, Suite 2000Chicago, IL 60611P: 312-321-6815F: 312-673-6705 fax

[email protected]

Staff Directory 

How do I ensure I am receiving all of the latest AAMA news and announcements?
Make sure your email address and mailing address is listed correctly to ensure you are receiving all notifications from AAMA.

How do I suggest feedback and/or improvements on the website functionalities?
Please email us at [email protected]

AAMA Membership

What are the qualifications required to join AAMA?
If you are employed in healthcare management or education, with a baccalaureate degree or its equivalent in education and experience, then you should belong to the American Academy of Medical Administrators.

What member services does the Academy offer?

  • Access to a multi-disciplinary network of your peers to broaden your knowledge, perspective and learnings.
  • The opportunity to join AAMA colleges for access to expertise and connections within your designated specialty area.
  • In-person training and education offered through our annual conference.
  • Professional advancement opportunities with AAMA credentials, available on both the experienced-based or exam-based levels.
  • Career support through AAMA’s JobLink, offering employers a place to find qualified professionals as well as a system for job seekers to search for the right opportunity for their next step.
  • Members-only access to the bi-monthly ExOn Express e-newsletter publication, highlighting key industry issues, news and AAMA events.
  •  Quarterly access to the Executive Online publication, providing information on industry trends through peer-reviewed healthcare articles, book reviews, college news and more.

How do I join AAMA?
Join today by completing our online Membership Application.

What is my username and password?

  • If you joined before August 1, 2013, your username will be your first initial and last name, all in caps. Example: JSMITH
  • If you joined after this date, your username will be your email address. 
  • With the launch of the new AAMA website on August 1st, 2013, all passwords were reset to the following: aama79135. As soon as you login, you will be prompted to change this password.

How do I update my profile?

  • Under the Member Center drop down menu at the top, select “Update My Profile”. 
  • Under your Profile tab, select the “Edit Profile” box at the right in order to make changes.

How do I change my password

  • On the home page, hover on “My Options” in the upper right hand corner, and click “My Profile.” 
  • Under the “Actions” button, select “Change Password.”

How do I add my picture to my member profile?

  • On the home page, hover on “My Options” in the upper right hand corner, click “My Profile.” 
  • Choose “My Picture” under the box named “About this User” on the right hand side. 
  • Click the “Update File: buton and browse your computer for your picture.
  • Click OK.

What is the best way to search for another AAMA member on the site?
From the home page, hover over “Member Center,” and click on “Member Directory.”  You’ll be able to search for other AAMA members using various criteria.

How do I join a College?
AAMA members may join our Colleges for no additional charge. AAMA currently has groups that focus on administration in the cardiovascular, contingency planning, healthcare information, neuroscience, oncology, federal healthcare, and small and rural healthcare specialties. You may add a College online.

When does my membership expire?
Your membership expires every year on December 31st.  You can also see this information on your member profile.

How do I renew my membership?
You may renew your membership online or mail your renewal payment to:

AAMA8558 Solution Center

Chicago, IL 60677

How soon should I expect to hear from you after joining?
If you have not received your AAMA New Member Welcome Kit in two weeks, please contact Jennifer Schap at [email protected]

Education and Conferences

When/where is the next conference?
AAMA 2014 – The National Summit of Medical Administrators – Tides of ChangeJanuary 19-21, 2015

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort • Clearwater, FL

Does the Academy provide Continuing Education Credits?
The AAMA awards Continuing Education Credits for attendance at educational programs. One hour of attendance at an education program is equivalent to one AAMA Continuing Education Credit. Use these credits to fulfill requirements to maintain professional credentials, or to indicate to your employer that you are up-to-date in your area of expertise.

Advancement to Fellow or Diplomate

What are the requirements to advance to Fellow?

  • Four years of AAMA membership, (or two years of membership if candiate holds a Fellow credential with an approved organization)
  • Six years experience in healthcare management or education
  • Attendance at one major AAMA Conference (may include conference at which candidate is to advance)

How do I advance to Fellow?

Candidates may select from 4 alternative paths to attain Fellow status:

  • Documentation of personal achievements to equal 35 points through a combination of formal education, continuing education, organizational and professional service
  • Original Fellowship thesis of graduate school quality
  • Three case studies for 12 points each to a total of 35 points
  • 35 points through the combination of case studies and personal achievements

What are the requirements to advance to Diplomate?

  • Fellows may advance to Diplomate status after one year
  • Attendance at two major AAMA Conferences within the past seven years. This may include attendance at the Annual Conference at which member is to advance.

How do I advance to Diplomate?

For successful advancement to Diplomate status, the candidate must choose an alternative path of advancement than the path he/she originally used achieve Fellow status. For example:

If you advanced to FAAMA, FACCA, or FACCP by completion of an original thesis, you must choose ONE of the following paths:

  • Earn 35 points on the Personal Achievement Documentation (PAD) form
  • Complete three case studies
  • A combination of the PAD form and case studies equaling 35 points

If you advanced to FAAMA, FACCA or FACCP by completion of three case studies, you must choose ONE of the following paths:

  • Earn 35 points on the Personal Achievement Documentation (PAD) form
  • Complete of an original thesis
  • A combination of the PAD form and case studies equaling 35 points.

If you advanced to FAAMA, FACCA, or FACCP by the Personal Achievement Documentation (PAD) alone, you must choose ONE of the folloiwng paths:

  • Complete an original thesis 
  • Complete three case studies

If you advanced to FAAMA, FACCA or FACCP by a combination of the PAD form and case studies, you must choose ONE of the following paths:

  • Complete additional case studies to reach a total of three
  • Earn additional PAD points to reach a total of 35
  • Complete an original thesis

For additional assistance, please contact Jennifer Schap at [email protected] or call 312-321-6815.

CAAMA Exam and Recredentialing

How do I register for the exam?

You can register to take the computerized or paper version of the CAAMA exam by filling out the appropriate application on the CAAMA Credential page.

How do I prepare for the exam?
The following study materials provide helpful information and resources in preparing for the examination.

  • CAAMA Study Guide
  • CAAMA Exam Prep Presentation
  • Baylor Study Guide

When/how will I get my results?
Exam results will be reported to the examinee as “pass” or “fail” only. Exam results will be communicated only via the exam results letter. Helpful feedback on areas for improvement will be provided after unsuccessful attempts to aide in additional exam attempts.

What if I do not pass?
In the event that a candidate is unsuccessful in his or her first attempt to pass the examination, up to two (02) retakes may be scheduled after a 30-day study period at the following reduced fee schedule: $50 first retake attempt, $100 second retake attempt. Subsequent attempts require a new application and submission of the appropriate examination fee.

What do I do to maintain my CAAMA designation?
You must recredential every three (03) years.

Why must I recredential?
The CAAMA is a time-limited designation. Evidence of continuing professional development is necessary to maintain the CAAMA.

How do I recredential?
You must achieve a total of 30 recredential points and submit your recredential application online. You can find additional information on our website.  

What if I do not recredential?
If no application is received and AAMA has not been notified of any issues, you may no longer continue use of the CAAMA designation. AAMA recognizes that you have worked hard to receive your CAAMA credential, and we are happy to work with you regarding any issues with recredentialling.  For assistance, please contact Jennifer Schap at [email protected] or call 312-321-6815.