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CAAMA Credential

The CAAMA Credential designates “Credentialed by the American Academy of Medical Administrators.” It is a designation earned through the successful completion of the CAAMA exam or with acceptance of an approved, earned credential from an organization demonstrating parity with AAMA’s credential. Achievement of this credential indicates an understanding of the recognized Body of Knowledge (BOK) as established by the American Academy of Medical Administrators. The credential demonstrates a professional working competency in the healthcare administration industry and commitment to continuing professional development/education.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to an upcoming organizational transition, the CAAMA Exam will not be administered after February 20, 2015. Registrations and payments must be received by February 16, 2015 to allow for exam set up. Please contact [email protected] for additional information. 

Minimum Requirements

  • Currently hold a management position in the healthcare administration field
  • Hold a baccalaureate degree and have four-years of related management experience


  • Hold a master’s degree and have one-year of related management experience

Exam Logistics

The exam offered both online and in paper format. The paper format may only be taken at an AAMA sponsored event. Both formats require an approved proctor be present for the entire exam period. Approved proctors are current CAAMA designated members or individuals from a Human Resources or Education/Training Department. You are responsible for setting the exam date and time with your preferred proctor and communicating the exam logistics via the online exam registration form, as soon as the date and time are determined. Proctor confirmation is required prior to taking the exam.

  • Online CAAMA exams may be scheduled at your and your proctor’s convenience and at the location of your choice. Results are immediately, and an official letter will be provided within 3-6 weeks. A stable Internet connection is required for the entire exam period. For electronic exams, please register at least five business days prior to the preferred exam date.
  • Paper CAAMA exams may only be taken at an AAMA conference or sponsored event. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Exam Costs and Regulations

Cost: Members – $250

Nonmembers – $290

*The examination fee is non-refundable.

In the event that a candidate is unsuccessful in his or her first attempt to pass the examination, up to retakes may be scheduled after a 30-day study period at the following reduced fee schedule:

  • $50 first retake attempt 
  • $50 second retake attempt
  • Subsequent attempts require a new application and submission of the appropriate examination fee

To schedule a retake exam, pay and complete the application above. After reviewing the application, AAMA staff will be in touch to coordinate the exam. If you have any questions, please contact the Education Coordinator at [email protected]

A “no-show” (i.e., not showing up to the predetermined retake session without prior notice) counts as an exam session.

Candidates have three years from the purchase date to take the exam, after which a new application and registration fee must be submitted.

Students may sit for the CAAMA exam if they are actively pursuing an undergraduate degree in healthcare administration or a related field. However, students who have passed the CAAMA exam may use the credential only upon graduation. Once the student is eligible to use the CAAMA credential, all CAAMA re-credential requirements apply.

Additional Information

Preparing for the CAAMA Exam: Explore study guides and more.

Maintaining the CAAMA Credential: Find out more about the Recredential Process.

Acceptance of Earned Credentials from Other Approved Organizations

G.I. Bill – CAAMA Exam Reimbursement: The CAAMA examination is approved by the Veterans Administration (V.A.) for reimbursement. View details on eligibility and application process here.

Navy COOL Program: Enlisted members qualify to have their membership and exam fees paid through this program.  Contact a Navy COOL representative for more details about the program. Once approved, please contact the Education Coordinator at [email protected] for further instructions.