AAMA : Preparing for the CAAMA Exam


Preparing for the CAAMA Exam

The CAAMA examination is a test of general knowledge in the field of healthcare administration. While successful completion of the exam does not certify any relationship to a level of performance nor is it a predictor of success in the field of healthcare administration or management, it does indicate the candidate evidenced comprehension in the recognized common body of knowledge for healthcare administration and was knowledgeable in regards to current issues and developments in the field.

The CAAMA examination is comprised of 150 objective multiple-choice questions. The essay portion has been eliminated as of 1/1/12.

The following study materials provide helpful information and resources in preparing for the examination. To stay current in the field of healthcare administration and ensure exam validity, new questions are routinely added and not all topics are covered in every exam.

Exam results will be reported to the examinee as “pass” or “fail” only. Exam results will be communicated only via the exam results letter. Helpful feedback on areas for improvement will be provided after unsuccessful attempts to aid in additional exam attempts.