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Maintaining the CAAMA Credential Through the CAAMA Recredential Process

Continuing professional development is essential to stay current with the rapidly changing healthcare environment. Maintaining your CAAMA credential illustrates initiative and ongoing commitment to your profession. The AAMA Board of Directors requires individuals with the CAAMA designation to recredential every three years. To continue using the CAAMA designation, evidence of continuing involvement in professional development and education must be provided via the CAAMA Recredential Application.

AAMA is a self-report organization. Credentialed individuals must maintain their own records of attendance at conferences, programs or other continuing education activities that qualify for recredential points. To recredential, one must submit the CAAMA Recredential Application reporting activities that contribute to continuing professional development and the recredential fee every three years.


Members – $135
Nonmembers – $175

Sample Recredential Application

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Important Update:

Due to federal cutbacks in reimbursement for professional development and travel, many members have expressed concerns to AAMA regarding their ability to continue to maintain their CAAMA credential through the recredential process.  AAMA listened to these concerns and worked with the CAAMA committee to revise the CAAMA Recredential Application. The goal of these changes are to allow for more flexibility with awarding points.

Previously, members were required to earn a minimum of 15 AAMA points (mostly acquired from attending AAMA conferences), and a maximum of 15 points from Non-AAMA sources. With the revised version of the application, the AAMA/Non-AAMA specific requirements have been eliminated.  Members are now required to achieve a total 30 recredential points by any combination of AAMA and Non-AAMA available points on the application.  In addition, the number of points available for AAMA participation have been increased to encourage members to be active in the Academy. 

The CAAMA Committee and AAMA hope that these changes will help to counteract some of the points no longer available from AAMA conference attendance, and allow CAAMA members to continue to maintain their credential in the current fiscal climate.  For extenuating circumstances, a one-year waiver may be granted.  Please contact the Education Coordinator at [email protected] for details and assistance.