AAMA : Credential Acceptance


Acceptance of Earned Credentials from Other Approved Organizations

In lieu of successfully passing AAMA’s CAAMA examination, individuals may qualify for the CAAMA credential if they have earned an approved credential from another allied healthcare association or specialty healthcare association. Only credentials that represent the broad, general field of healthcare administration and management will be accepted.

A Fellow or Diplomate status awarded to an individual by an association qualifies only if earned via an exam. The applicant must have successfully completed the comparable exam and have the comparable credential valid and up-to-date.

Individuals interested in the acceptance program must meet all AAMA membership requirements. Active AAMA membership is required prior to or in conjunction with a request for a credential acceptance.

For formal acceptance consideration, complete and submit the application provided below with all supporting documentation to [email protected]

Credential Acceptance Application

Once an applicant is approved for credential acceptance, the AAMA Program Coordinator will create an invoice for the $250 fee. Applicant wil receive official CAAMA certificate and letter of approval after payment has been received.

Please note that all CAAMA individuals, regardless of earning the credential via exam or acceptance, are required to maintain the CAAMA credential through the CAAMA recredential process.