AAMA : GI Bill Reimbursement


G.I. Bill – CAAMA Exam Reimbursement

The CAAMA examination is approved by the Veterans Administration (V.A.) for reimbursement under the provisions of Title 38, U.S. Code – Post 9/11 G.I. Bill.

Note: If the V.A. looks up AAMA in their system as a school or college, your reimbursement will be denied. It is the CAAMA exam that is approved.

V.A. Forms for Filing G.I. Bill

If you are out of the military and not already in the V.A. system, you need to fill out VA Form 22-1990. This enters you into the V.A. system and they will let you know your eligibility. After the V.A. has approved you, the appropriate form to fill out is VA Form 22-0803 for licensing and certifications.

The G.I. Bill reimbursement is provided after successful completion of the certification exam. Exam reimbursement eligibility is retroactive to 05/01/10. Please contact your V.A. counselor or representative for more information.