Sessions for Saturday March 17, 2001 

8:15 – 9:15 am Concurrent Sessions

Human Relations Track:
The New Dynamic: Building Cross-Specialty and Multi-Disciplinary Teams to Meet the Demand for Cardiac, Vascular & Stroke Services

Richard Beveridge President RBA & Associates, Inc.

Salt Lake City, UT

How can you eliminate turf battles among cardiovascular subspecialties? To achieve the most effective and optimal outcomes, effective cardiovascular programs recognize the need for a collaborative and integrative effort in addressing patients’  healthcare needs. This session will focus on the elements of effective team building, communication improvement and empowerment, the foundation components of market-leading CV programs. Participants will learn to identify barriers to communication and team building, as well as tools to improve communication, problem-solving decision-making capabilities.

Finance & Business Development Track:
Cardiology Trends 2001: Reimbursement and Cost Strategies

Kevin Shrake, FAAMA Administrator St. John’s Mercy Medical Center

St. Louis, MO

How do you maintain a high quality of patient care while improving your bottom line? Here’s a helpful review of the major categories of reimbursement and budgetary pressures – plus strategies for overcoming them. From the Balanced Budget Act and ambulatory patient classification reimbursement, to staffing shortages and supply cost issues, here’s how to manage financial pressures to increase overall margins for your cardiology program.

Technology Track:
What’s in the Pipeline: Preparing for the New Technology

Senior representatives from Medtronic, Inc. Guidant Corporation, and

Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson Company

How can you prepare for technologies now being developed, including those in clinical trials? Here’s a “heads up” from three of the nation’s leading medical manufacturers – to help you consider their impact on your budget, your staff, and other administrative priorities.

General Sessions 9:45 – 10:45 am 

11:00 – Noon

Recognize, Reward, Retain: Part I and Part II

Sharon Cox, MSN, CNAA Founder & Principal Consultant Cox & Associates

Brentwood, TN

A people centered strategy is gradually replacing the view that staff are simply a labor cost to be managed and/or reduced. Keeping the best people has become an organizational initiative in areas with staff shortages. Becoming the employer of choice requires system wide changes and recognition that dissatisfied staff seldom provide good customer outcomes. Key themes include “different strokes for different folks,” “Generation X to Baby Boomers,” and long term investments in people rather than a quick incentive fix. Ideas from business and industry are included as well as best practices in healthcare resulting in a people base strategy to improve performance results and sustain profitability. Sharon’s objective is to present workable ideas and concepts with a lasting impact, not just a “workshop high!”

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