Rules for losing weight. They’re not easy, but they work


You need to prepare for weight loss – calm your thoughts, plan individual steps. It is worth remembering that weight loss is not favored by chronic stress and low sleep. The stress hormone (cortisone) causes an increased appetite for sweets and fatty foods and a tendency to accumulate fatty tissue around the abdomen.

Starting a diet at an inappropriate time, for example, when the company has a lot of workload, will increase the risk of abandoning the adopted rules. And it should be remembered that each subsequent unsuccessful attempt to lose weight results in a slower metabolism and a greater risk of the yo-yo effect.

When preparing for weight loss, we must not forget to set a realistic goal. It’s best to divide the whole process into stages and set intermediate goals instead of one final one. This will increase your motivation and help you control your weight loss.

We should also remember that in order for slimming to be healthy and bring a lasting result, we must not lose more than 1 kg per week. Progress monitoring should take place no more than once a week, in the morning, on an empty stomach, after the morning toilet, and in light underwear. It is also worth stocking up as needed.

Sometimes weight is not a good measure of progress. If we exercise, muscles are built, the volume of which is smaller compared to the volume of the same mass of adipose tissue. Then the measurements of body circumference will be more important to us than the value of body weight on the scale.


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